My Beautiful Family

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

Today we drove to Bullard to a small pumpkin Farm. Grace and Ryan had such a good time picking out their pumpkins. I think Ryan was truly in his "enviroment"! It wasn't quite as large of a farm as we're used to with multiple things to do, but we thought the quality of the pumpkins was exceptional. There were a few farm animals and a corn maze with a hayride, which was also entertaining! In all, we had a really good time! I've included some pictures for your enjoyment!

Friday, October 3, 2008

My poor baby...

Daycare called this morning about 30 minutes after school started with news that Ryan had 102.5 fever. Poor thing. When I went to pick him back up, he was just laying there looking miserable. I felt aweful for not catching the fever before we left this morning, but he was acting so normal I never would have guessed he had anything wrong. By the time I got him to the pediatrician, his fever had spiked to 103.5. They immediately gave him some Motrin and had the dr. come in. Turns out he had an ear infection in his right ear pretty bad. He's such a happy baby, you really can't tell he doesn't feel bad, but today it was so obvious. He just laid on me all day and slept off the penicillin. He's already doing much better.

On a funny note, Grace has decided that she wants to dress herself completely on her own in the mornings for school. This is actually a good thing for Rick and I, but we do have to monitor how the clothes go on still. This morning I went in to see if she needed any last minute help, and to my surprise, she had every piece of clothing on backwards!! I tried not to laugh since she obviously feels like such a big girl!

It's starting to be chilly in the mornings here. I really love fall! Grace and I have yellow, orange and red mums to plant tomorrow. Should be fun!