My Beautiful Family

Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm sitting outside on my backporch watching, and listening to, a summer storm come in. It's beautiful. It makes me think about when daddy came to the house for the first time and said, "this is a good'll be able to spot a tornado comin' for sure." Great!! I couldn't be happier! Thankfully, after almost a complete year of living here, we've had no tornados!

We actually just got back from a little vacation of visiting family. We stayed at Jodie's a few days and went down to the beach. Grace and Ryan LOVE the beach! But I think next year we may try to drive down to South Padre Island to see some clear ocean water! We also saw our newest little nephew, James. He is so darn cute! We also spent a couple of days with Nanny and Paw Paw and went swimming with them. What a great time!

Grace had a ballet recital back in May, but has decided since then to go back to gymnastics. She will start back in about two weeks. I really think she has the determination to stick with it and perhaps go into competition. She also just received her new manogrammed backpack and lunchbox for Kindergarten next year. She is going to be one little awesome student!

We are in the process of potty training Ryan. What a job! We're doing away with all pull-ups starting on Monday! I think he'll do well. He already has a good grasp on the whole concept. Mostly we haven't been as consistant as he's needed with all the traveling and VBS.

We are working on some updates on the house as well. We're refacing the cabinets in the kitchen and I'm going to attempt to put up a backsplash. We'll see! I'll post pictures of the end results....maybe!

4th of July is around the corner and hopefully we'll see some great fireworks and cook some hotdogs out on the grill!

It's raining cats and dogs now-thank goodness! I was so worried about our little tree outfront, and was about to run the hose out to water it, but God took care of the thirsty little thing for me! He has a way doing things like that!