My Beautiful Family

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Halfway Mark!

I can't believe Eli's first birthday will be in less than 6 months! He is almost crawling, eating solids like a champ and desperately trying to sit up on his own. Time is flying by, as usual. The other night, I only got to see him for a few minutes that morning before work, so when I got home late that night, I snuck into his room and held his sleeping, sweet body for a few minutes. I felt his little hands and feet, and rubbed his soft head...he sighed so softly I could hardly hear it. I remember doing the same thing with Grace and Ryan on more than one occassion. It's like a short glimps of heaven, I'm sure of it. Why you might ask?

Soon, Eli will be pulling up, walking, trying to say words and getting into everything. Soon, he'll bring me books to read to him and laugh uncontrollably when we chase him. Soon, he'll be able to sing little songs and pick flowers....I can't wait, yet I dread it.

I know it's coming-that day when he'll pull away from me and want to do things on his own. The day when independence kicks in.
That's why...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back again!

Last October, Rick and I were thrown for a loop...after many years of infertility, and finally conceiving Grace and Ryan via IVF, God decided to bless us with our little miracle, Eli Richard. NEVER would I have EVER believed I could conceive naturally. But God is greater, and knows far more, than any doctor on this earth. It's HE that is in control, and no one else.

So that's my explanation to why I neglected this blog for so long. I was in a state of total shock through the entire year last year!! I mean, I'm 39 years old!! Rick and I have been marred for 18 years and were starting to think about what it would be like to NOT get up before 7:00 am on the weekends! Having a newborn was the LAST thing on my mind! We started over from scratch--my house now looks like Babies R Us threw up in it, but I love it!

Eli is such a blessing! He is perfect in every way possible. He looks a lot like Grace did when she was a baby, but his actions are a mixture of both she and Ryan. I've always said I've got "silly kids", and he fits right in! His smile lights up the room and melts your heart. He's a genius..I'm sure of it! Here is a perfect picture of him:

So what's going on with every one else?

Grace: She is sailing through 1st grade! She was accepted into the GT program, but we didn't need a test to tell us she was oh-so-gifted and talented! She was recently invited to move up in gymnastics to Level 2 as well. She is so dedicated and will start practing 2 hours a week this week, working her way up to 4 hours within a few months. In addition to all that, she also started guitar lessons! Santa brought her a "real" guitar this year. She had her first lesson last week and came home playing "Jesus Loves Me". Very impressive!

Ryan: sweet, sweet Ryan.... He is such a mess! So, so smart! He says things that crack us up all the time and keeps us on our toes! He turns 4 on the 31st. I can hardly believe it! He finally started going to Wednesday night AWANAS and is going to be starting T-ball in the spring. He is a VERY good big brother! He is already teaching Eli how to play with his racecars!

Rick is working on his Masters degree right now in school administration. He is not coaching this year, but hoping to pick that back up next year. He really misses it, but it's been so helpful having him around with a new baby.

Picture of my "babies" at Christmas: