My Beautiful Family

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer 2013

Not sure if anyone is still following this, but here goes! 

It's been a whole year since we've moved to Katy, TX and things are going good! After my first year in Katy ISD as a fourth grade teacher, I am moving into a leadership position next year and will be an Instructional Liason (which is basically a job that will hold several different types of jobs from working with struggling students to mentoring new teachers to the profession.) I'm still working on my Master's in Educational Leadership with Principal Certification and will be finished in February of 2014. Yay!!!!!!

Rick completed his first year as a basketball/geometry teacher at Mayde Creek High and can't wait to start next year!

We took the kiddos to Sea World this summer and they loved it! Heck! I loved it! Let's face it, Shamu is AWESOME!!!

Grace and Ryan participated in a basketball camp as well. They both loved it, but I think Ryan is going to be more of a football player! 

Eli just turned 2 and boy is he a little stinker!!! He's so smart and literally blows me away with his sweet smile and addictive giggle! Potty training is in our near future! 

Grace will be in 3rd grade next year and Ryan will be in Kindergarten. Grace is ready for a challenge and has decided to be a "sporty-type girl" this next year! She's so funny! Ryan will probably go through a huge wake-up call his first week of school! I can't wait to see how he reacts to classroom structure! I forsee some  signatures on behavior cards in the near future!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

How are things going with us?? Good question!

Once again, I've neglected my family blog for while. This new phase in our family's life is very time consuming, unfortunately. So here's the update:

Grace: Smart as a whip..of course. She has started off the new school year with all 'A's' and continues to challenge HERSELF with new stories, songs and poems. She has made a lot of new friends. We're reading a book together called, "The Doll People" by Brian Selznick. We enjoy reading a couple of chapters a night before bed.

Ryan: What a mess! He is growing into a very smart little boy, if he can just stay out of trouble at school! He seems to like being the class clown! Other than that, he can write his name, spell a few words and add some easy numbers. Most importantly, he can ride his bike without training wheels! He's just a natural! We are so proud of him!

Eli: So incredibly smart! I know...he's only 16 months, but a mother can tell! He says a few words and understands so much more than you can imagine! He reminds me a lot of Grace. He LOVES books! He's also started dancing and jumping around the house! Now if only all his teeth will come in, we'll be on our way to complete happiness! ha!

Rick is starting basketball season this week. Practice is in full swing, which means supper, bed, bath and book is all up to mommy until March. :( With me working such a demanding fulltime job, it's extremely tiring and a bit frustrating, but you do what you have to do.

I'm so glad the holidays are coming up! I'll be spending quite a bit of time at my parent's enjoying the slow life of the country. Only two weeks until Thanksgiving break! Yay!